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Our corporate wellness programs were established in 2008 with our partnership with Eastern Michigan University to provide all of the fitness programs at the campus Rec/IM building. From 2008-13 BYBF @ EMU created, managed and implemented numerous fitness and wellness programs including year round group fitness classes (over 24/week), expert personal training and other fitness seminars & events for the students, staff & faculty at EMU. In 2010 BYBF launched a campus-wide program called the New Body Challenge (now known as the Get Fit Challenge) that incorporated various departments on campus in order to create a community-wide challenge based on health improvement and overall healthier living. In the Fall of 2013 this program has grown to 40+ teams, thousands of participants and involvement from over 12 campus departments. In the tenure of BYBF @ EMU voluntary participation from students in fitness programs increased over 1,300%!

Another proud collaboration that BYBF has participated in has been the University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Center project named “Men on the Move”. U of M has utilized the BYBF studio for this project which is specifically geared toward African American men 35 years and older and their overall health and wellness.  Groups of 5-10 (mostly sedentary) men participated in various health screening, fitness activities and overall wellness educational seminars organized by BYBF with the goal of getting them into better overall physical shape and better health. Results from the study showed an improvement in every health measurement (BMI, BP and Weight/BF%) in 95% of participants!


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